The Agency

SEA represents an Australian ‘Onshore’ roster and an international ‘Offshore’ roster of uniquely talented photographers each specialising in a diverse range of styles. We work closely with our artists to assist them in successfully developing their work both creatively and commercially, recognising their need to balance the production and promotion of innovative personal projects with paid commissions.

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Sarah Ewing

Sarah Ewing is the director of SEA and manages the agencies photographer roster. After studying photography at RMIT, she spent the next five years working in London’s photographic industry where she developed her own working style and an eye for the type of photography she felt strongly about representing.

Sarah’s concept was to a create an agency capable of supporting artists through a collaborative approach. As SEA enters its fourth year, the agency proudly represents an Australian ‘Onshore’ and an international ‘Offshore’ roster of incredibly talented artists specialising in a diverse range of styles. Sarah has a huge admiration for photographers and it is with great pleasure and satisfaction that she works closely with them.


Gina Pulfer

Gina Pulfer is a Photography Producer at SEA and brings a strong arts and administration background. Having studied photography at both PIC and RMIT for five years, she has a thorough understanding of what photographers need and seamlessly manages the client/photographer experience. With a keen eye for perfection, Gina provides SEA with the support that enables it to produce a body of work to a consistently high standard.

Portraits by Paul Torcello